Nyaba Leon  OUEDRAOGO was born in 1978,  a serious injury caused this former athlete from Burkina Faso to turn to photography.
Assistant to the Parisian photographer Jean-Paul Dekers, still-life photographer, fashion and industrial photographer, and a travel enthusiast, he is now devoting himself to photographic journalism.

His approach, as much photojournalism as it is documentary work, consists in “not showing images for what they depict, but for what they transmit”.
Nyaba Leon Ouedraogo‘s images are a disturbing evidence of the cruel reality in Africa – his photography reveals the pressing ecological issues related to plastic and electronic waste. Ouedraogo, who is a self-taught African photographer, offers a deep and honest social insight about his home continent and the devastating documentary images he took in Ghana and Congo are now featured in numerous magazines as well as online portals. Ouedraogo has become a visual artist guided by his simple, straightforward curiosity about the medium of photography, but he ended up developing a highly captivating photographic language.