David Cintract was born in 1970.
Halfway between Warhol and Lichtenstein, the artist projects his vision of consumer society on all media: canvases, dolls or window mannequins.
While paying tribute to the great Pop artists, David Cintract has stood out thanks to his strong personality by becoming an essential figure in the movement of which he is the founder: “Le Pop Libre”.
David Cintract has a fascination with exuberant sculpture and the storage of works in an “Ali Baba’s cave” style.
Inspired by current events and social issues, his work carries with it all the ambiguity of an offbeat and childish artistic universe, with optimism tinged with tragedy.
Gaiety of colors and patterns, sparkle and communicative joy, but also depth of questions and symbols, such is the trademark of David Cintract who refuses ease and poses discreet correspondences between very poetic forces and darker impulses.
Using techniques as diverse as oil, photography, inclusion or digigraphy, he develops on all media (canvases, mannequins, cars, etc.) several themes at the heart of our postmodern society:
-Man faced with unbridled and frivolous consumption
-The place for adult fantasies and erotic games
-The loss of our part of childhood in a society that no longer believes in dreams
David Cintract exhibits throughout the world, and, thanks to his universal artistic language, nourishes deep exchanges with audiences from all origins and all cultures.