André Clements, Artist and consultant, get specialized in computer digital images. His applications go from online video games to marketing, in particular customer relationships management and contemporary aesthetics.
André is also founder of « the Johannesburg Contemporary Arts Discursive », an association which faillites and bring support to theoretical and practical discourse on local artistic practice and development.

André works deliberately using computer technology and digital photos. It also works with traditional media, prefers painting oil even though it is never still exposed this work there to this day.
He has a solo exhibition at the Resolution Gallery, «Asthesia» in October 2012.
In June 2011, André has worked with the London artist Daniel Hirschmann for the exhibition « Dencity » à la Resolution Gallery.
He has a solo exhibition at the Resolution Gallery, «Asthesia» in October 2012.
Andre has exhibited in several group shows and articles have been published in SA ArtTimes, Beeld and ITs Art (France). His artworks have purchased by major collectors and photographers in South Africa and abroad.

As a consultant André collaborates with companies like Canon, Roche and others through their advertising agency with the strategic development and technical implementation of customer information management systems and its Protocol.
He was one of the artists selected to present the Galaxy Note hybrid smartphone/tablet by Samsung.
André has occupied senior management positions, development, designer and helps tertiary education, marketing and online video games.

André received a BA in Information Design from the Faculty of Arts, University of Pretoria. André succeeded many modules of a Master of Business Administration that they abandoned to change orientation.
He also studied different subjects such as industrial psychology and computer science including formal logic and discrete mathematics at UNISA, and international courses in disciplines such as coaching and evaluation of Damelin diploma.