EXPO AFREECA – SD 480 p[:]

Exhibition AFREECA, Chapelle Sainte Foy, Les Beaumettes from May 30th trough June 23rd.


The exhibition brings together five artists from the African continent who give a free artistic expression of their African identities.


Ayanda Mabulu, South Africa, lives in Johannesburg. He has a satirical look at the governance of his country, the misfortunes, the abuses, with a strong, engaged style, a brush that denounces the packages of a system.


Siriky KY, born in Ivory Coast, lives in Burkina Faso. His very refined technique describes his country with unique bronze sculptures. His new series of “precious heads” offers a testimonial look at the representation of the African man. The traits of the faces, marked, bruised, scarified, show the beauty of these ordinary beings with the power of the representation that one would make of a monarch or a God.


Nyaba Leon OUEDRAOGO, Burkinabé, lives in Paris, photographer. He delivers a narrative in pictures of the traditions and State of the current civilization of West African countries. The ghosts of the Congo River, the painted men of tribal painting, the Congolese youth in a green country.


Mamady Seydi, Senegalese, lives in Mbour. He gives a note of wisdom and humor to his sculptures, the animals of the jungle have replaced humans to give them a universal character. Each installation is the illustration of a Wolof proverb that translates the way of thinking of a Sage.


Dominique Zinkpè, Beninese, lives in Cotonou. It brings a personal view of the different continents. The mask in African statuary is a face of the actor, it conceals the truth. In his series of unmasked continents, Dominique delivers a staging of the clichés that symbolize the richness of the peoples of these continents.