We introduced you to the “Enso” series during the “Rêves d’aluminium” exhibition in 2020.

Inspired by the enso of Zen Buddhism (Japanese calligraphy), the enso is a circle drawn in ink, with a single exhalation.
The enso symbolizes the right mind, emptiness, energy or even nirvana.

Olivier Vincent has associated this ancestral method with the technique he has been using for over twenty years. Polyurethane lacquer has replaced ink.

The circle is a unique and perfect figure that symbolizes for some the quest of a lifetime.
The artist is not looking for the absolute circle but it is the way to obtain it that interests him.
The circle evokes both the creative will and its result.

In the “Somnium” exhibition, the sequel to the “Enso” series, Olivier Vincent uses new colors.
He pursues the dream and chooses to vary the orientation of the layout.
The gesture is more intense, the material sublimated.