In the beginning…

The Eric & Valérie Galéa Gallery Presents “in the beginning…” , a selection of works by sculptor Ariel Moscovici From October 20th through November 11, 2018 at the Chapelle Sainte-Foy des Beaumettes.


About forty artworks: Sculptures made of steel, bronze, granite and marble as well as paintings and prints in relation to the works in volume will bring their testimony of 40 years of career.


Ariel is inspired by the Bible. In the Book of the Genesis, “Bereshit”, the first word of the Bible in Hebrew means “in the beginning”.


He interprets the creation of the world as if his multifaceted sculptures were capable of containing all the forms of life to come.


Sometimes he uses several works to create a journey in time with points and a space.


The words of his language are stone, metal, clay.


He finds that the idiom that suits him best is that of the shape, the volume, the texture, the nuance and the color.


He does not explain his works because he does not want to demystify them. It offers you your own interpretation.