The gallery

Eric & Valerie Galea founded their gallery in the Luberon, in south of France in 2005.

The gallery dedicated to painting, sculpture and contemporary photography offers visibility to emerging artists whose talent is often their only passport to access the international artistic scene.
Some are sometimes very well known in their country but are struggling to be represented in Europe whose artistic culture is different.

While meeting with these artists, the artistic line of the gallery is drawn around one main topic: Africa.

At « Rencontres d’Arles » festival, the gallery exhibited for the first time within the cross Seasons France/South Africa with the support of the French Institute the photographs of Jean-Christophe Balllot and Christo Doherty. They discover the body of work of Robin Hammond on Zimbabwe and it marked their final engagement to promote photography.

Their participations in FNB Johannesburg Art Fair since 2012, first within the cross Seasons France/South Africa with the support of the French Institute allowed them to meet with South-African photographers who are now permanent artists of the gallery: Christo Doherty, Head of Witts University Digital department in Johannesburg, André S. Clements, Huw Morris, Ben Skinner.

While photography is one of their passion, their interest for South-African creation lead them to also exhibit Andries J. Botha’ s sculptures, whose Foundation for Elephant preservation in Durban is well known.

It is also with great honor that the gallery exhibited the paintings and watercolors of Bruce Clarke, very engaged artist whose series ” standing men» series commemorated the sad anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda.

A nice meeting with a talented Senegalese artist already noticed by Foundation Blachère, Mamady Seydi, sculptor whom they are pleased to exhibit againin “solo-show” with great success at FNB Johannesburg Art Fair in September 2018.

The gallery is pleased to welcome the artworks of Dominique Zinkpè, painter and sculptor from Benin whom they have particularly appreciated the sculptures.

In 2018 all the artists of the gallery have something in common, whether they live, work or not in Africa. This is their understanding of these 54 countries, their willing to express their caring, their testimonial, their support to the values of these countries that leaves no one indifferent and from which we have so much to learn which reunite them.

They have all a single expression which symbolizes their work. They carry the values of respect of others, dignity, moral values and hope.
Some of them have survived moral wounds because of political issues which gave them mind opening on tolerance and sharing.

Others just bring their visual testimony of the beauty that they find even among loneliness and sadness or mutate ordinary to sublimate people.

In Africa, expression by painting or photography is still not free and very often censured. We offer the opportunity to these artists to express themselves in a free country that is France. In the autumn 2018, The gallery presents the artwork of a deeply engaged South-African artist: Ayanda Mabulu.

Africa is known as the cradle of mankind and must not be its tomb.
The defending of artistic expression is our priority as gallerists.