The gallery

Galerie Eric & Valérie Galéa opened up April 2005 in Luberon. Galerie specialized in contemporary art first dedicated to painting and sculpture, the two art dealers have quickly shown increasing interest in photography.
Along their encounters, they have decided to leave place to expression from worldwide photographers .
Creativity of european artists like Sébastien Petretti allowed them to position themselves as a photo gallery.
Their attachment to the pictural quality is the first criterai of the exhibited artists. Jean-Chistophe Ballot, photographer of the Louvre Museum and The « Bibliothèque Nationale de France » has been one of the firsts to trust them to represent himself in Europe and South Africa.
During the « Rencontres d’Arles 2013 », where the gallery exhibited for the first time the photographers Jean-Christophe Ballot and Christo Doherty through the French/South-African seasons with the support of the French Institute. They discover the body of work of Robin Hammond on the Zimbabwe, this will mark their final commitment to the world of image.
Their annual participations to FNB Art Fair in Johannesburg for four years in a row, first through the French/South-African seasons with the support of the French Institute allowed them to meeting with South-African artists who are now permanents artists of the gallery : Christo Doherty, head of Digital photography at Witts University in Johannesburg, André S. Clements, Hum Morris, Ben Skinner.
But,if photography is their passion, their interest for South-Africain creation allowed them to also sculptures by Andries J. Botha well known for his foundation dedicated to elephant’ s rights in Durban.
It is with great honour that the gallery is showing paintings and watercolours by Bruce Clarke, engaged artist whose series « Upright men » commemorates the anniversary of genocide in Rwanda.
This year, a new beautiful encounter with Mamady Seydi, a talented senegalese artisted already spotted by the Blachere Foudation, sculptor that they are pleased to exhibit at FNB Art Fair in September with great success along the two young photographers Huw Morris et Ben Skinner.
Upon their request, the preview of a video co-directed by Christo Doherty & Adrian Kaganoff with an original music by Michael Blake has been presentedin the special program of FNB Art Fair.
The gallery has celebrated its tenth anniversary, this decade spent in searching for new artists and making them known, in guiding their career path and bringing their support to young emerging artists gives to Eric and Valérie Galéa the motivation and enthusiasm to promote young talents who have joined the gallery on the French and international scene.
Photography is a way of universal expression which knows neither discrimination nor borders.