Art Up 2016 Lille

See you at Lille art Fair “Art Up”, feb 25th till feb 28th, vernissage on feb 24th (only upon navigation, don’t hesitate to ask us)






Happy New Year !!!

happy-new-year-2016-Ka-WallpaperHello 2016,

We have 366 days to elaborate all projects, all challenges to make you discover artists from tomorrow and make you better know:
• photographers who immortalize our dreams, our ideals, who highly and strongly carry the values of democracy and sharing, who take risks to witness the unspeakable.
• artists who have at heart to disclose their soul, to spread on the canvas the blood of their deep, spiritual, eternal quest.
• sculptors who make the matter alive under their fingers and who have so much to say.
Artists from Galerie Galea come from Europe, Africa or elsewhere and make you travel along the works that they deliver to you as gifts of generosity.
We wish to make you appreciate our encounters with those talented persons which are so much oh hope and creativity.
We want to thank all the artists who have given us their trust and confidence to show their work in 2015.
We will be glad to go further in 2016.
Seeing each others again in Europe (France, UK?…), South Africa and USA for upcoming events .
Artists join us to wish you a very happy New Year 2016.

Eric & Valerie Galea.

New ceramics by Giorgio Laveri just arrived at the gallery

Three new ceramics by Giorgio Laveri can be seen and purchased at the gallery.

Pay attention, they are unique artworks !

A lipstick 2015 comes to complete the “trukas” series which made Giorgio so well known.

Highly inspired by his love for Paris and the “Pont des Arts” (the lovers’ bridge), Giorgio has designed the “Lock”,it can be shown open or closed, symbole of union or freedom. Base is golden covered with a layer of thin gold, fixture is covered of platinium.

Giorgio Has a thought to football and rugby supporters, He dedicates the “Whistle”, the sculpture is covered with a layer of platinium. To make it perfect, you can blow the whistle.

Bruce Clarke

Since August 7, we are exhibiting South African artist Bruce Clarke’s new works.

Aquarelles et acryliques avec collages sur toile ou papier dont des oeuvres de la série “Les hommes debout” représentatives de son travail sur la dignité humaine face au génocide Rwandais.

D’autres témoignant des discriminations raciales et sociales qui perdurent.