Patrick Chappert-Gaujal is a French artist born in 1959 in Bédarieux in Hérault. From his childhood, he immersed himself in art through his father, an amateur painter. At only 15, he joined the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Perpignan. In 1985, he resided in Sweden for five years. Eternal wanderer, he wanders through South Africa, Asia, Africa again with the Dakar Biennale, the United States, Europe, China… He now lives in La Franqui, a small seaside resort on the shores of the Mediterranean.

He auscultates the work of the material, painting, DIY, and notions such as adventure, collections, recovery… The elements sweeping the sea feed his creation: driftwood, beach shoes, plastics, cardboard… At the in search of the lost trace, he exercises a rigorous practice on the borders of archeology and reinvented ethnology. A true alchemist, he transforms the prosaic into a work of art. The layout is complex, the technique is wonderful, and the alchemy operates.

From 1975, he exhibited repeatedly through the most prestigious places: fairs (international art fairs Elysée art, Stockholm Art fair ..) galleries (Paris Washington, Copenhagen …), castle, His exhibitions are extend internationally: Sweden, China, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Senegal, USA… He notably signs a work for the Red Bricks Art Museum in Beijing.