Via Domitia

Eric and Valérie Galea are pleased to introduce:

“Via Domitia ”
paintings by Aurélien GRUDZIEN

At the Chapelle Sainte-Foy des Beaumettes (84220) from August 21 to September 2, 2018
From 10am to 12.30 and from 3pm to 6pm closed on Wednesdays.

Via Domitia crossing the village of Beaumettes, it seemed obvious to us to invite to expose the homonym of a famous Roman emperor, Aurélien, who is inspired by the technique “a fresco” used for the large murals Roman.

You can discover a selection of his abstract works
On which the cement has replaced lime, the varnish gives brightness and depth.

Whether of an extreme white or a vivid colour, of a deep black or coloured earth, a painting by Aurélien GRUDZIEN calls for contemplation.

Flashback & flashforward

Matthieu YVIQUEL – Helder BATISTA

Eric & Valérie GALEA announce their coming summer exhibition :

“Analepse & prolepse” (Flashback & flashforward)


Do we have the power to seduce ? Are-we seduced by power ?

at Chapelle Sainte-Foy des Beaumettes (84220)

August  7th to August 19th 2018

From 10 AM to 12h30 PM & from 3 PM through 6 PM ,closed on Wednesdays.

(On August 15th , from 7 AM through 6 PM)


Matthieu YVIQUEL, (born in 1987),  is a French sculptor.

The gallery Galéa has the privilege to offer you its first exhibition in France.

It refers to the cult symbols of the American youth of the Pop years to present the attraction of sensuality and colors on the individual.

Helder Batista,  (born in 1964) is a French visual artist.

Permanent Artist of our gallery for several years, you all know his “2nd Amendment “.

It is inspired by consumption to relate the influence of everyday objects and symbols on our sense of freedom.


“Zimbabwe, your wounds will be name silence”

First summer exhibition of our gallery in the Sainte-Foy chapel in Beaumettes 84220 from 10 through juillet 22nd 2018.

Robin Hammond’s photographes “Zimbabwe, your wounds will be name silence” will be displayed for a short exhibition in an historical site dedicated to Art in the golden Triangle of Luberon.

A new hanging of about 30 selected photographes among the series presented at “Rencontres d’Arles” in 2013 and reproduced in the book edited by Actes Sud will be visible on site, other photos can be seen on demand.

Galerie Galea exhibits in the Luberon

The gallery resumes its exhibitions with a varied programme selection for the summer of 2018.

We will have the pleasure of presenting three exhibitions in the Luberon.

We aim to make you familiar with a new exhibition center, in the center of the Golden Triangle, cultural heritage centre of more than four centuries.

We thank the Mayor of the commune of Beaumettes village for her warm welcome and support for the visual Arts.
This collaboration will allow us to welcome you in a place filled with history, turn to place of worship, City Hall, school and today exhibition Center.

The will of the elect to make of their commune a cultural place, without financing of the state, an artistic stage in the park of Luberon has prompted us to participate in this development and to bring by our presence and our commitment to their side a cultural offer where The visual arts will be valued in the Luberon.

We count on your presence and your encouragement to perpetuate our approach and make of this place a meeting place of contemporary Art inescapable.


Our gallery will be exhibiting at FNB Art Fair for the second time.

You will discover the work of our photographers :
Jean-Christophe BALLOT, “C.A.S.” : Composite of South Africa, photos taken in South Africa on September 2012,  exhibited in “Rencontres d’Arles” this summer.
Christo DOHERTY, “BOS”constructed photos   exhibited in “Rencontres d’Arles” this summer.
Robin HAMMOND, photos taken in Zimbabwe, published in a book titled “Your wounds will be named silence” and from Gold ine in Mozambique.
Nyaba Leon OUEDRAOGO, photos taken in Burkina Faso and Ghana.
And also new impressive sculptures from Pierre MATHIEU and paintings.