Galerie Galea exhibits in the Luberon

The gallery resumes its exhibitions with a varied programme selection for the summer of 2018.

We will have the pleasure of presenting three exhibitions in the Luberon.

We aim to make you familiar with a new exhibition center, in the center of the Golden Triangle, cultural heritage centre of more than four centuries.

We thank the Mayor of the commune of Beaumettes village for her warm welcome and support for the visual Arts.
This collaboration will allow us to welcome you in a place filled with history, turn to place of worship, City Hall, school and today exhibition Center.

The will of the elect to make of their commune a cultural place, without financing of the state, an artistic stage in the park of Luberon has prompted us to participate in this development and to bring by our presence and our commitment to their side a cultural offer where The visual arts will be valued in the Luberon.

We count on your presence and your encouragement to perpetuate our approach and make of this place a meeting place of contemporary Art inescapable.

Exhibiting at Art Montpellier 2017

Eric et Valérie Galéa Gallery participates in the first edition of Art Montpellier from Decembre 7 through 10, 2017 at Arena in Montpellier.
On show, the artworks of two new artists to the gallery : Aurélien Grudzien (Painter on concrete) et Mathias Souverbie (Sculptor on Concrete).

These two artists put their works in resonance to make you appreciate this work on matter. From sculptures by Mathias you retain the notion of equilibrium, the abstract painting of Aurélien will make you travel in an introspective quest.

Familiarize yourself with this material that offers current artists a new medium of expression.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2016

Eric & Valerie Galea are delighted to show the new artworks by Chanoir and Ben Skinner in Miami Beach, nov 29th – dec 4th 2016

Happy New Year !!!

happy-new-year-2016-Ka-WallpaperHello 2016,

We have 366 days to elaborate all projects, all challenges to make you discover artists from tomorrow and make you better know:
• photographers who immortalize our dreams, our ideals, who highly and strongly carry the values of democracy and sharing, who take risks to witness the unspeakable.
• artists who have at heart to disclose their soul, to spread on the canvas the blood of their deep, spiritual, eternal quest.
• sculptors who make the matter alive under their fingers and who have so much to say.
Artists from Galerie Galea come from Europe, Africa or elsewhere and make you travel along the works that they deliver to you as gifts of generosity.
We wish to make you appreciate our encounters with those talented persons which are so much oh hope and creativity.
We want to thank all the artists who have given us their trust and confidence to show their work in 2015.
We will be glad to go further in 2016.
Seeing each others again in Europe (France, UK?…), South Africa and USA for upcoming events .
Artists join us to wish you a very happy New Year 2016.

Eric & Valerie Galea.