Matthieu YVIQUEL

Matthieu Yviquel is an emerging artist born on December 14, 1987 in Saint-Nazaire. He lives and works in Spain.

This multidisciplinary artist, curious of nature and strong with a great motivation, wants to explore different complementary techniques in order to become autonomous and to satisfy his passion, creation.
Its geographical mobility allows it to acquire experience and know-how.

His various professional experiences allowed him to familiarize himself with the world of the body and the painting then he obtained a diploma of ART and technique of glass with specialization in neon sign.
He completes his curriculum in advertising and signage. He returned to the Aerostyl art school and learnt the technique of airbrushing.

Rich in his various experiences, Matthew produced in 2018 a Pop Art collection inspired by America from the years 60. You can appreciate his recognizable style in all his works in a colorful and contrasting universe.

The sense of detail is a constant concern for the artist who makes every step of his sculptures. He first creates his mould and then realizes the original work which will be a unique piece.

Our gallery wants to accompany him in his early career. We are pleased to present his mural sculptures for a very first exhibition in France, a fresh impetus in the current creation.

You will be able to discover the works of Matthew Yviquel in a collective exhibition where he joins the artist Helder Batista for an exchange of gaze on the American Pop and its colorful variations in August 2018.