« Sculpting is a path ».

Mathias Souverbie was born in the eighties in Paris area within an artistic family.
He graduates from « Martiniere Terreaux », an advertising school, then he is a trainee in communication. His first creations are stage decors for the movie business.
Later , he deeply immerge himself in molding experience the Fine art Revol casting workshop, and Barthelemy Foundry in France.
His first drawings take inspiration from his passion for sailing and paragliding.

Mathias Souverbie firstly elaborates a kinetic artwork with combined materials. The works are then mobile, slender and aerial.
Then doing, he develops a singular process for shaping concrete.
A vision of emptiness can be perceived in his body of work, he masteries fragmented and mechanicals compositions.

Artworks under your eyes fragment and recombine. « I organize accidents » precise Mathias.
Of the soil, by strata, the work rises, and the hands of the artist can only accompany the movement imposed by the material.
It is a dialogue between the cement, and the man who sculpts in a struggle demanding between shadows and lights.