Helder Batista was born in Paris in 1964. He lives and works in France.
He is a self taught artist. His playful sculptures with a Pop Art accent enquire viewer and invite him to a deep thinking. The artist has a thorough vison of the world who surrounds him and offers artworks inspired by revisited symbols.

After a series of wall pieces composed with speed racing tires tribute to Pierre Soulages, he started his main career as a sculptor.
In the 90’s, he made himself known with his major artwork « 2nd amendment » in tribute to the 2nd amendement of The United States’s constitution which allows people to detain a fire weapon at home to self protect themselves. The features of the sculpture make viewer think immediately to a fire arm, conditioned by media which constantly speak about acts of violence. The spirit makes up the object or the idea of it ?
But is the gun the thought gun or the flag of the country which is itself a symbol of power and strength, proudness and safety ?

The gun is dressed at a time with flag of different countries, proof that the message has no boundary.
Helder is noticed for reinterpreting African traditions like his “Tree of nails”. He uses Mickey, his favorite character in an Ex-voto statuette pierced with nails and screws.
Helder is passionate with Arman’s work since ever, he is inspired by the master and creates inclusions of objects from childhood in tribute to him, « Mickey waffles», « legos », « glass beads », then for the grown ups that we are « demilitarized pistol bullets » « dollar symbol». He is thrilled to make an inclusion with his« 2nd amendment ». He also creates sculptures with neon, among them the « Z » from ZORRO, the « Brick wall » or « The finger print ». This year, he works with new medium, the concrete, where he inserts legos.

Workaholic, he is working on a new series in bronze, very urban style. In his fifties, he has kept his child’s heart and shares with us is artistic bracket. His sculptures are full of freshness and hope, they are funny and sincere.
Helder Batista is a discreet artist whose body of work is exhibited in France since fifteen years. He has pieces in worldwide collections. His work has been shown at Art fairs in France and abroad.